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A little bit about me (Carla Gebhard)…


I’m a watercolour artist and illustrator, specialising in nursery and children’s prints, inspired by animals, nature and all things whimsical.
I also have a lovely little shop/studio at Wyresdale Park in the Forest of Bowland (AONB), Lancashire. It truly is a magical place, full of whimsy and charm and it’s an endless source of inspiration for my artwork.

 How it all began… 

In 2016 I had to have brain surgery, to prevent an on going brain condition from becoming life threatening. 
To cut a long story short - the surgery was successful, but I was left with a lot of symptoms which effected my day to day life. 
This meant my plan of working in the fashion industry (and using my degree) quickly went out of the window. 
So I decided to set up my own little creative business which would work around my health.
It took me a long time to find my niche, something that truly brought me AND my customers joy, but once I started to focus on children’s illustrations it felt like it was ‘meant to be’ and everything slowly started to fall into place!



I like to think there's a little more to my artwork than just cute woodland animals...

My aim is to gently inspire and educate children from an early age, to love and to care for the nature around them.
Whether it be through my nursery prints, nature activities or children’s books.
I strongly believe that little nature lovers, naturally grow into BIG nature lovers, who will then go on to help protect our lovely little planet and all it inhabits. 


 Keeping Things Lovely + Local...

I'm naturally inspired by the local wildlife and nature found in and around Wyresdale Park, in Lancashire.
I'm lucky enough to call Wyresdale Park my (work) home. It's where my lovely little shop/studio is based and where all my paintings come to life.
The prints are then printed and packaged locally in Lancashire, whilst also supporting other local and independent businesses. 


Eco-friendly + Kind to the Earth

  • The prints are intentionally designed and painted to be enjoyed throughout childhoods and beyond.
  • Inspiring little ones to love and care for the nature around them.
  • Printed locally in small batches to avoid waste.
  • Packaged with compostable/biodegradable cellophane.
  • 100% recycled & recyclable marketing material.

 Giving Back to Nature

  • This is currently in progress, but will hopefully be finalised very soon!




And kind to the Earth

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