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A little bit about me…

Hi I'm Carla, I’m a watercolour artist and illustrator. 

I’m also an animal and nature lover and I dream of living in a whimsical woodland, making friends with all of the local wildlife (basically I want to be Snow White) and painting magical things that make me and (hopefully) you and your little ones smile…



My Little Shop + Studio...

Nestled in the Forest of Bowland (in Scorton, Lancashire) is an old country estate, Wyresdale Park. 

A truly magical place full of whimsy and charm and the home of my shop/studio.It's an endless source of inspiration for my children’s illustrations and the perfect setting for my shop, where I sell eco-friendly nursery prints, children's wall art and baby gifts.




Behind the paintings...

Every nursery print starts of as a tiny idea, I then do lots of sketching and once I'm happy with the final drawing, the paints come out and that's when the real fun begins!

I use watercolours in a very loose and intuitive style, slowly building up thin layers of paint, which eventually make up the final painting. It's a very slow, yet enjoyable process, as I have to wait for each layer to dry before moving on to the next.

Then, when I'm finally happy with the finished painting (this can take a number of attempts to get the effect I'm after) I then digitalise it in photoshop, to make the final design of nursery print. 




Sparking an Interest in Nature...

My aim is to educate and inspire children from an early age, to love and care for the nature around them, through the use of my artwork and nursery prints.

It may seem like a stretch, but I think the earlier nature is brought in to a child's life, the better.

Whether it be through nursery prints, children's books or real life woodland adventures. 

Little nature lovers, naturally grow into big nature lovers and that could have a BIG impact on our little world in the future!




Eco-friendly and kind to the earth...

I personally think it's important that we all do our little bit for the environment - for ourselves and for the next generations.

That's why I go the extra mile when designing and painting the nursery prints. I make sure everything is eco-friendly and kind to the earth!

If you'd like to know more about my eco-friendly efforts, click here




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