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Children's Activity Pack - Leaves & Seeds


This Children's Nature Activity Pack, is based on leaves and seeds/nuts from British trees.

Perfect for sparking an interest in nature at an early age and giving you the resources to teach your children about trees in a fun and creative way, whilst also practising and learning new key skills.


Colour, Cut & Match Sheets

Activity 1 - Colour in the leaves and seeds/nuts, practicing staying in the lines.

Activity 2 - Cut the squares out.

(You may want to stick them onto a thicker piece of card to give them a longer life).

Activity 3 - Match the 4 leaves to the seeds and the names of the trees.

(An answer sheet is included in the pack).

Activity 4 - Play a game of snap or pairs, matching the correct leaf to the seed or even a memory game.

Activity 5 - Do a scavenger hunt in the garden or on your daily walk looking for the trees, leaves and seeds.

Activity 6 - Find out fun facts about each tree and make a quiz.


Name The Parts Of The Tree/Leaf

Activity 1 - Name all of the parts of the tree/leaf.

Activity 2 - Colour in the tree and leaf.

Activity 3 - Go outside and identify the different parts of a tree in real life.



I'd love to see the activities in action, so please do take photos of your children (their faces don't need to be shown) and tag me on instagram @carlagebharddesigns to be in with a chance of winning an A4 print of your choice. 

I can't wait to see and I hope they have fun with the nature activities!

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